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Our services are endowed with the ultimate luxuries to ensure an incredible villa experience. Our concierge service ensures our homes are well managed, and that your villa experience is tailored to your needs.

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We offer a bespoke living experience. Our properties are tastefully decorated, and are 100% off-grid, ensuring that your footprint is light while living in the lap of luxury.

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Our villas are set within exquisite scenery, surrounded by indigenous fauna and flora. They offer a balance of close access to local sites, but with the ability to escape the populist crowd through complete independence, and a soul growing experience.


The Princess Protea Collection is the brain child of three sisters, Debbie, Jenny and Linda, who have been entrusted with a collection of magnificent properties by their father, David Pheiffer. The name is highly symbolic, describing David’s intense affinity for his daughters, and the term PROTEA is an acronym for all of David’s grandchildren.

Each home he built was inspired by the need for a luxury hideaway that enabled intimate family time while allowing for independence, and off-the-grid living. They have breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes enabling guests to really breathe in a sense of serenity while revitalising the soul. Our homes are an incredible place to grow your soul, be it through spending time with close friends and family, hosting an intimate event, or taking a private moment to yourself to reflect on life’s journey.


South Africa’s  famous Garden Route is a marvel unto itself. Caught between magnificent mountains and ocean vistas, this stretch of coast is an iconic geography to explore.

Set atop on ancient sand dune and inspired by  ancient African ruins, the Cloud 9 villa is one of the most beautiful holiday retreats in South Africa. A castle in the clouds, guests of Cloud  9 are privileged to experience a birds eye view of the surrounding vistas, with eagles soaring past the  kitchen as you nurse a morning cup of coffee, and swallows swooping over the  rim-flow pool at sunset.

Geared to enabling large family holidays, intimate functions, corporate functions or retreats, Cloud 9 offers a luxurious home away from home. Our villa enables people to spend time together in luxury, but equally allows for quiet time on your own as desired. 



The Drakensburg mountains take your breath away. Magnificent craggy shapes that change their colour through the day and seasons. In winter they are  often covered in snow. They are home to interesting flora and fauna, ancient San cave paintings, and walking experiences for all.

It’s a setting appropriate to the farm of Glentowy, which lies outside the rural town of Underberg. Pick up some delicious homemade goodies in the local town on your way. You know you’re close when you cross the little bridge and wind along next to the Umzimkulu River, along the farm road. The Great River, the Umzimkulu, flows into  crystal clear pools then bursts  into rapids, then collects again into wide deep pools..  As you slow down on the track, the sounds of the farm begin to call: the river rushing, wind in the trees, Guinea Fowl and Hadadas vying for volume, and frogs at mid-base.