NB!!  Please ensure that you have readily available any important medication for allergies or medical conditions, e.g. insulin, asthma pumps, bee or other insect-sting medication, etc.


I/We hereby acknowledge that I/We accept and will fully comply with and abide by the RULES, INDEMNITIES, COMMON COURTESIES, OBLIGATIONS AND CAUTIONS and without reserve.  

I/We enter the premises managed by the Princess Protea Collection (PPC) at my/our own risk and indemnify and absolve the PPC and all other affiliated parties, trusts, appointed Property Management, contractors and/or staff members of any damage or loss to my/our personal property, physical injury or death (or that of my spouse, children, family members or group forming part of this reservation). I/We take full responsibility for the safety of aforesaid guests including medical care and emergency assistance and am/are fully aware of and consent to and agree that the  PPC and all other affiliated parties, trusts, Appointed Property Management, staff members, their contractors and suppliers will not be held responsible or liable for any accident or incident or resultant medical or emergency care or assistance including those listed/stated herein. I warrant that no dependent of any Guest or Visitor will make a claim for maintenance as against PPC and all other affiliated parties, Trusts or Trustees, the appointment Property Management, staff, Contractors and/or Suppliers in the unlikely event of death or incapacity. I further warrant that each guest has been made aware of these terms and conditions and have authorised you to bind them herein. 

Please note that in the event of an indemnity not being signed, it shall still find application and be binding, unless the contrary is expressly stated by you in writing, prior to arrival.


To ensure the enjoyment, safety and wellbeing of all Guests & Visitors, we specifically bring to your attention the following cautions:

  1. 1. The perimeter of the property has no balustrade and may pose a risk to residents.
  1. 2. Children are specifically cautioned to avoid areas such as the pool, ponds, water-features, balconies, windows, garden and forest areas, fireplaces, etc. Adult supervision is a necessity at all times.

Guests & visitors enter a PPC property entirely at their own risk and responsibility. Whilst we take precaution to facilitate the reasonable safety and comfort of our guests & visitors, irrespective of unintended failure or negligence of a PPC Property Management, staff, contractors, drivers, suppliers, service providers, contractors or contractor’s employees, we cannot and will not be held liable or responsible for any liability or costs resulting from death, injury, loss or damage suffered or any such act caused to any person or personal property in any form whatsoever whilst on the premises, adjacent islands in the river or when participating in any of the activities including any games, sports, river rafting, boating, camping, fishing, swimming, hikes, braaing and cooking activities.   

As this is a nature resort, please ensure that Guests & Visitors in your group provide adequate supervision to those in your party or group, especially and including children as the environmentally sensitive areas surrounding our property collection may at times be subject to floods, stronxqg winds,  ocean currents and other without warning.  Our properties also have several ponds and water features as well as rough terrain, lawns, pathways and verandas which can become very slippery especially after rain or when the garden sprinklers have been in operation.  

Guests & Visitors are requested to supervise children and be wary and take due cognizance that animal behavior can be unpredictable. 

Guests & Day Visitors are prohibited from trespassing on neighboring properties and are requested to please respect wildlife, birdlife, marine life and plant life alike and to ensure that the beautiful natural and ecologically sensitive environment at PPC properties is preserved. 

By confirming a booking with PPC, you acknowledge and confirm your support, cooperation, agreement and acceptance of the above conditions. 

However in the event that you or any of your party or group of guests & day visitors should be of the opinion and feel that the above NOTICES, RULES, INDEMNITIES, OBLIGATIONS AND CAUTIONS are too onerous or not acceptable and would rather cancel the accommodation, immediately advise us accordingly. 

We sincerely hope and trust that such action will not be necessary. 

We hope you will have a great time and if there is anything we can do to enhance your stay or assist you in any way to become more comfortable, and/or to improve our service and facilities; we welcome constructive recommendations and suggestions.

Thank you for your support and cooperation in advance!  Please do not hesitate to approach us at any time. 

Sincere and best wishes.